Artist's Statement


Gary Fronckoski

Places allow us to remember.
I push myself to capture a moment.
I struggle to reenact a time to remember.
For me my life reruns through my mind,
reflecting from time to time to reminisce.
As the paint reveals more, my mind races to remember.
These images are not of a special place.
They are the journey of life as I remember.
As I walk this journey, others have also.
This is the reason I need to share.
Each of us must take the time to reminisce and reflect.
If we don’t then the journey will be forgotten.

My artistic growth over time has been the understanding of purpose for my work. The visual is relational. My viewer enters the space created and reflects on a moment in-time. They remember the moment, and then become overwhelmed with the need to share. The image, as they share will give them the visual needed to again reflect and tell their personal story.


The greatest moment for me was when I met our Lord on a personal level. He shared with me an experience in my past to show that He was present then and is now in my life. Understanding the presence of our Lord, I’m on a journey of reflecting and using this gift to share my experiences in the hope that others will also share their journey.


I’ve come to recognize His presence through my journey and my hopes and prayers are that others will also. I would like to encourage you to share this and my work with others. I would be blessed.


If I can capture a moment in-time, how wonderful it is to know it was a gift.