"Oriole Magic Sarasota Style"

Giclee prints and Originals

Limited edition signed and numbered


Finished painting, what a great journey. I can remember walking around looking at the reconstruction of the stadium and seeing all the pieces sitting around waiting to be put together. Opening-day for the O's Karen and I walked over to see what it would be like. We ended up getting the 8 dollar tickets and walking around and exploring the stadium. They had some history of the O's and some spring training fun. I never thought I would be here. The feeling of the place makes me feel connected to something new. My idea of Spring Training has changed. People travel and spend time getting closer to the team and the game. We live across the street from the stadium and see folks that come and stay the whole time that the team is here. It is a wonderful experience and enjoy the community that develops. Enjoy the painting and lets see what is next on my journey so I can capture the moment. Yes He is always with me . In my past, now and in my future. Enjoy in joy, G

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23x25 Giclee on stretched canvas framed-$349.00 (43/50)


12x14 Giclee print of paper w/ 3 inch white mat-$70.00 (2400/2500)